How I work

Counselling Sessions

Counselling may be new to you. This may be the first time you have opened up to someone and so we will work at your pace with whatever you bring to each session.  Emotional wounds, unlike physical ones, are often hidden or ignored yet can be the ones that hold us back from living life to the full. The aim is therefore to help you understand yourself and to identify patterns of behaviours that are potentially stopping you from being the person you can be.

I can help you explore the issues you are facing by providing a  confidential, non judgmental safe space where we can work through your thoughts and feelings.  My experience and professional training alongside the ‘creative toolbox’ I have developed are combined with what you bring to the sessions – the base line however, is always that you are always the expert of you.  


It's important to discover whether counselling is for you, and if so, to then find the right counsellor for you; someone you can trust, who will listen. To help with this I offer a free 15 minute consultation.  

Thereafter, my fees are £55 per 50 min session. These can be arranged in advance at the same time each week or at a time to suit the working week and your family time.


I am able to provide long or short-term therapy, and online sessions, as well as 'walk and talk' therapy.(summer only)  I am also able to offer specific counselling for children and young people (CYP) aged from 11-25 years old.

To find out more please feel free to contact me  07704935041 

"I have made many changes in my life. I am no longer angry all the time. I am less anxious and can now go out alone."


"I have gained more confidence in day to day situations. I can identify triggers and manage to deal with them better through a more developed self-awareness."


"Counselling has helped me understand relationships within my family circle. I have challenged my negative thought patterns. I have gained more self -awareness."

Working with...

· Military

. Couples

 · Anxiety

· Depression

· Loss and Bereavement

· Self-esteem

· Transition

· Addiction

· Trauma

· Children and young people