Military personnel and families

As a mother of 3 sons and 1 daughter and also being married to military personnel I am all  too familiar with the challenges but also highs this lifestyle might bring . The constant moving around, saying hellos and goodbyes, moving schools, decisions about continuity of education, job losses can all be unsettling and sometimes feel like you may not fit or atleast wear a few different hats. 

This can sometimes have a detrimental impact on relationships and also individuals. I offer Armed Forces and their families a confidential space where they can be heard without judgement. 

I offer discounted  F2F therapy based in Tidworth twice a week ( Tuesday and Wednesday , please book early to avoid disappointment )  

I also offer discounted online appointments via zoom platform, please ask for details and provide proof of MOD 90 

Monday 9-5pm 

Thursday 9-5pm